Handmade Saltillo Mexican Floor Tiles Give a Timeless Look to Your Home

Everyone likes his home to appear neat, tidy and gorgeous all the time. So, you often take much care to preserve that charm forever. But, weather, time and usage disturb that process of maintenance. Flooring in particular, gives you more trouble than other parts of the house since it’s not easy to replace a broken or stained tile. And damaged tiles can never be replaced either.

Here are a few must-consider issues in purchasing, installing and cleaning Mexican Saltillo floor tiles. Just have a look and get your work done in the proper way.

What’s more advisable is to select a fine variety of tiles at the beginning itself in the process of constructing your house. Handmade Mexican Saltillo tiles is the variety that best fits into your needs. They come in a tremendous variety and provide a unique appearance to any place where they are installed.  It’s convenient in installation and usage alike. Now, the improved techniques of installation have made the process much easier. Anyway, you must buy Saltillo tiles of a perfect brand. Finecraftsimports is an expert in the industry and one of the best dealers in Mexican Saltillo tiles. Rely on them for all kinds of tile needs. After all, Saltillo tiles are yet another specification in South Western home decor. If you need to renovate your home, adopt this trend of home decor from South Westerners and change a bit of your traditional ideas. Would you really love it?

Use pre-sealed tiles

Saltillo tiles come without any glazing. They may absorb water quickly as they’re quite porous. So, before the installation you need to take a measure to prevent it, because soaked tiles could not be installed properly. And they won’t be durable either. Better to buy pre-sealed tiles and it would partially solve this problem. A water base sealer or an oil\solvent sealer is sufficient at this stage of installation.  

Why use pre-sealed tiles?               

They are fast-drying and easier to grout. And in about one week, the real, permanent sealing must be done carefully. In this you must apply a grout release on installed tile surfaces to remove stains if there are any. However, this sealing must be done by a professional in order to preserve the glaze.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Just a mild soap and plain water serve as a fine cleaner for Saltillo tiles. Mopping and patting the floor dry or allowing it to dry naturally would be enough in the process of cleaning. Anyway, this should be done regularly in order to preserve the sheen and beauty. Vacuuming or mopping on a weekly-basis will be fine. Harsh chemicals such as vinegar or ammonia-based cleaners must never be used to clean Saltillo tiles. They will damage the gloss of the surface and may cause stains on tiles. And mind you not to leave water on the tile for a longer period of time. It may cause stains with the time.

Mind these peripherals in cleaning

There may be cracks and previous stains of grout on the floor. And certain discolorations on tiles due to weathering may add an ugly, dull look to the floor. Such damaged areas should be cleaned with much care. Before starting to mop, you must sweep the floor well in order to remove debris. Otherwise, the floor will be scratched in the process of mopping. So, you must be careful when cleaning a floor studded with Saltillo tiles.

Fully cleaned Saltillo tiles glisten and look at its best. Their warm, earthy, reddish hue will enliven your spirits. Handmade Mexican Saltillo floor tiles have an immense power to convert any simple place into an extraordinary, majestic-looking mansion. Try your best to stick to a regular maintenance. If not, the natural glow of Saltillo tiles will be diminished making them look outdated.    

And also, you can re-seal the floor from time to time. You have to do it more often if the floor traffic is too much in your home. You must be vigilant about the state of the tiles. Examine their color, sheen and appearance carefully to decide when to carry out this kind of renovation. If the tiles get a darkened amber color, you should give a refinish to the floor. Cleaning and re-coating the floor will bring back the luster once lost.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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