How to Select a Fine Hammered copper Bathroom Sink

A hammered copper bathroom sink is another way of expressing the family pride! They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles and often cost a lot to the customer. But it adds a lot of color and luster to a bathroom of any design. Buying a copper bathroom sink is not an easy task. There are low quality copper sinks that destroy all the rich look of your bathroom. Therefore, in order to avoid fake ones, you must select the best hammered sink for your bathroom. Here are some instructions for you to read before you buy.

An elegant copper bathroom sink

Nature of the Basin

This is an important factor you should take into account. The sink must be spacious. But a bathroom sink must not be as big as a kitchen sink. Its basin must be of fine, smart shape and medium or small size. Also, its shape must be either round or oval or a square shaped, attractive one. Unlike copper kitchen sinks, basin of the bathroom sink must not be a lot of roomy. Its washing purposes vary from that of a kitchen sink. So, the shape and size of the basin should meet the washing purposes.


Pay attention to the patina when buying. It’s the protective layer that changes over the time. See whether it has damages at the time of the purchase. Patina is easily damaged due to acidic chemicals and other injurious substances like bleaching agents. When once it’s damaged, the protection to the vessel is lost forever.

Customer Reviews

Pay attention to the reviews of copper bathroom sinks. What other users have said is something very useful to know. You can get many new suggestions and ideas from what they say about the products. You can know of the pros and cons of the product you’re going to buy. Their reviews are very genuine, because they don’t have any intention of lying about the things they bought. So, better to read reviews and know about their experience.

Do a Google search or Ask from friends

Two of the above are reliable ways to know about the item best. Googling will reveal you certain important factors about copper bathroom sinks and equip you with tips and tricks to get rid of fake products. Asking from friends who have already bought copper sinks for their bathrooms is even a better way than browsing the internet.

Do not make a purchase without following the above processes to find information about the copper sink you’re going to buy. Mexican hammered copper sinks are always the best in the market. Try to get a Mexican product as far as possible.  Make your bathroom look gorgeous by selecting the best product.

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